Your WordPress website just crashed and you have no idea what to do. On one hand, you are unable to access the control panel or login page of your WordPress website. On the other hand, your website is not working properly. This triggers panic in site owners, especially online store owners as the website are the face of their business. Because of this, they fear the huge drop in sales they have to face when their WordPress website is down.

Don’t worry! It’s not something that happens regularly, but it is still possible, and facing the unresponsive website is not the end of the world.

In this article, we’ll share the most common reasons why your WordPress site is down, and perform necessary check step by step which will bring your website up and running again.


Before trying to resolve any issue with your WordPress website, you must have your website backup.

Losing a backup means, lots of hours or lots of month’s hard work you may lose at once. So, we understand the value of backup and suggest you use plugin UpdraftPlus (Hyperlink) or BackupBuddy (Hyperlink) for regular and secure backup. In this way, you’ll always have the latest version of your website.


1. Rule out a wrong connection

This may seem strange, but there’s a chance that your website isn’t crashed. Yes! It can happen. It’s possible that your WordPress website is down because of your internet connection, so before proceeding further with any other aspects, make sure your internet connection sockets and ports are connected properly and also ensure that your internet connection is working smoothly.

2. Is it just you?

Many times it happens that, your website is not working for you only but for other people it is accessible, it’s fine and the same scenario happens with you vice versa; the website is working for you but not around the globe, no one would be able to access your website. Hence, in this case, you need to find out the case whether your website is up or not.

There are some online tools are available to check your website online status like Down for everyone or Just me and Is this site down and these tools will give you the status of your website.

If you are the only one who cannot access the website then you must use “Whatsmydns”. If you encounter any error like “Site Not Found” or any other general error, it means your website DNS is not updated. If you’ve recently changed your website hosting server then you must check your website on this tool. Always remember once you change the DNS, generally, it will take up to 6 to 72 hours. If your DNS is updated then you can try to reload the page again with CTRL + F5.

3. Check your domain validity

When you are purchasing a domain, it comes with an expiry date. You might have missed paying domain renewal charges. There are many service providers available in the market, who can offer you 30 days validity beyond your domain expiry date.

In order to check the validity of your domain, you can check online with WhoIS. Immediately you will find the domain renewal date and rest of other information about the domain.

4. Inaccessible Website

There are several scenarios and it may happen that your website is really not down and it’s just unable to access. This case happens with you because of the WordPress auto-update functionality. Your website may not be updated properly and that’s the reason your website not accessible by anyone. In this situation, we suggest you opt manual WordPress update on your site.

5. Suspended Account

The majority of hosting service providers shut down your website if you’ve not done payment in a timely manner. Usually, they try to connect with via email and phone but if you’ve missed them, then they can discontinue the service. Hence, you must ensure that all your payments have been made in a timely fashion.

6. Your Server is Down

In the rarest scenario, you may encounter such a problem wherein your server is down hence you won’t be able to access your website. Sometimes, you may get a message from your hosting service provider that “we will be going to do some maintenance on our server hence, your website will be down for next 3 to 4 hours” like that. If hosting providers feel that it’s a small issue and promptly your website will start appearing then, they will surely not inform you and they consider such this kind of issue as a temporary issue. Such this kind of scenarios can happen with small & cheap web hosting service provider.

So, next time when you are aiming to opt for hosting service providers; you choose the best one with 100% uptime service. Cheap hosting service providers don’t have supported infrastructure hence you only left with one option, in which you need to wait only or else you choose the best one.

7. Theme or Plugin Conflict

If your theme and plugin work well with each other then there will be no issue. But if you purchased theme and the developer has not done code behind structure properly then surely your theme will start conflicting with plugins and as a result, your website will be down. Hence, before you made any decision to purchase a theme or plugin, you must ask the developer about the compatibility issues.

8. You’ve been hacked

Since how you are managing your website? It’s really doesn’t matter, security exercise is an ongoing activity for your online web presence. Our objective is to stay ahead and keep yourself secure from bad guys. The best part of security starts with your hosting service provider, they can definitely protect you from malicious attacks.

Sometimes, the scenario would be not in your favor, and hackers might get success to take over your web presence. Now the question is how to check your website is hacked or not? You can visit a website called “sucuri” site check and look into the results.


Not seeing your website online, then it will be one of the worst experiences ever. There are several ways to find out, how exactly your website is down? Hereby, we have shared with you all the information precisely and now you’ll be able to set the things up by yourself. There are plenty of WordPress issue information available on our website, although get in touch base with us if you need direct help from experts.