Our company is dedicated to maintaining WordPress. Consequently, we have gained traction with a significant number of clients who seek our advice concerning web design metrics. The first issue of concern is the cost of website design.

The Truth about the Costing

The question is not unique. It comes naturally to most small and large-sized businesses.

The truth is that there is no fixed quote for a website design. It should be guided by the functionalities of your desired website.

A lot of businesses on the market today have had to carry a heavy running cost and thus shy away from even requesting reputable website designers to do a job for them.

As signaled earlier, the matter of the cost of web design is an open question with an open answer. The cost varies from one company to another.

Our Pricing Basis

Prior to our introduction of services spanning web design for small business using WordPress algorithms, we made a ground research and interviewed over 15 companies dealing in web design businesses. Our aim was to derive a quote for a customer website design order. The research revealed an interesting trend in the sector.

There were 15 significantly varying and different quotes. It would, perhaps, help to mention the lowest and the highest figures which stood at $ 3000 and 17, 000 respectively. You have probably noticed that there is a whole world of difference between the two quotes.

The surprise is not necessarily because there is a huge figure difference, but that we supplied the same specifications for the web design potential order. The import of our research is that before you set out to contract a firm to design a website for you, you need to take note of two basics. Firstly, that you should identify the needs of your business and your clients before you settle on a given website type.

Secondly, you must check out the available options to leverage quality and value for money when choosing your web design professionals.

As mentioned earlier, it is apparent that the quotations are not only determined by the input in the web design. There are other halo factors you must put into perspective. Besides, once you decide that a given web design company is what will deliver what you want; you should also try and negotiate for the best price.

The Fine Details of Reducing the Cost of a Web Design and Still Getting the Best Value for Money

Two types of sites determine web business in modern day, i.e. professional business sites and blogging sites.

Sites for blogging

Blogging is a relatively simple way to set out on the World Wide Web. Many blogging sites began from a DIY approach.

In fact, you can read guides online and start a blog website. One of the hot suggestions for blogging sites on the table is Bluehost.

You can easily get a domain label and privacy for your domain. Our advice is that you should not go far beyond $ 1000 for a blogging website design- that is if you cannot do it yourself.

Professional Business Website

This one will offset you with about $ 1000 for a simple website. However, remember simple is a relative term. Our team of experts have explored the intricacies and emerged with a Quick Launch Websites Module.

Our surprise to esteemed customers is that we have managed to team up with experts under our Quick Launch module and now guarantee professional WordPress website design in a matter of hours. The team has enabled us deliver various packages for clients with different needs and preferences.

You can order for a web design to be delivered at record speed for $250 as a one-time purchase, or request for the $1400 one that comes with a monthly maintenance plan at $140 every month. Having highlighted these important aspects that ply into the cost of website design, it is also worth learning that using the term simple is a loose denotation of work to be done.

In other words, you cannot truly tell how simple a given website is if you are not a trained web designer. Indeed, many clients who visit us and request for simple web design have demonstrated that most of them do not understand what goes into designing the various types of websites available.

Your Website’s Core Functionalities

The cost of designing is influenced by the functionalities of a website. If your website requires a wide range of functionalities such as live form-filling features, chats, automatic customer assistance modules, eCommerce platforms and so on, there are chances that you will part with a relatively higher amount than a simple blogging site.

Indeed, the average cost of designing the earlier type ranges between $80 000 and $20 000. This fee excludes the cost of maintaining your WordPress site.

On the latter maintenance cost, our surveys reveal that it will cost you between $1000 and 1500 per year for WordPress maintenance. However, if you compare the benefits and the input, you realize that it is worth your while.

The point in the argument here is that if your website requires a lot of functionalities, it will call for more input, more expertise, more time and thus cost you more. Yet, apart from just the cost of designing the website, there are other add-ons that you may need to make your site all the more functional.

You should consider all the possible configurations that a website in your business niche requires. Think of the services required to power up your website. There may need to call in more developers specialized in these areas. Think of SEO, security features and speed.

These extras could push the cost of your web design to as much as $30 000. Fortunately for you, SmartWpSite has amassed all the manpower and expertise to deliver all these at reasonable and customizable cost. This site provides a chat platform to make it easier for you to talk to us at any time of the day or night, and on any day.

The Skill Level of Your Design Expert

Indeed, another dynamic that comes into the cost of building a website is the experience and skill level of your chosen web designer. They will charge differently. While you could be lucky to bump into a beginner who could do the job for you at only $200, a more experienced designer may offset you $5000.

The question arises regarding the difference in pricing. Well, to make your website a truly functional one: we mean one that can convert visits into sales, there is much more than just meets a plain eye. Experienced web designers incorporate all the features that make your website stand out.

The Big Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Choosing Your Webs Designer

  • Would you like to spend money designing a website that will not help you improve your business presence or boost sales?
  • Why should you design a website cheaply, only for it to break down every day?
  • How would you feel if you kept getting tickets to fix your WordPress site when it is your designer that left such loopholes? A ticket will offset you approximately $30 for only a single fix.

The total cost of fixing a broken website exceeds, by far, what it would cost you to hire a skilled and experienced web designer to do the job once and for all. We may sound as if we are trying to woo you into hiring our services, although we would like you to do so, we have better ways of convincing you to contract our services than engage in deceit.

The information we share on this platform is meant to be part of our free service to existing and potential customers. We feel it is our responsibility to relieve you of the stresses that come with making wrong choices when it comes to choosing web designers.

The Urgency

The need to get yourself a website in modern-day, if you run a business cannot be overemphasized. A website is a serious tool in growing all kinds of businesses. You even need it more if your business is a startup. It is also a sign of seriousness in conducting your business professionally.

You need to get a website that has built-in metrics that easily convert and make sales. A website for business enables you to showcase your products and services to the global market. You need a website to enable a wide spectrum of customers to learn about your business and what you do.

Besides, a website offers prospective clients a chance to get in touch with you. Such interaction will quite commonly lead to conversion to sales and more referrals. Now that you know why you need your business website urgently, remember to only pay for it after taking into consideration the following:

  • Will the website help you increase sales?
  • Will your website captivate present and potential customers and lead to more visits?
  • Is the website customizable to your needs and preferences, or rather, customer preferences?
  • Is your site optimized for SEO?

Parting Shot

We revisit the question: how much does it cost to design a website? Our summarized response is that you should never pay for a web design just for the sake of doing it.

Consider all the intricacies that determine what a good website is. Remember cheap could prove expensive. Your focus should be on quality not just getting a website.

The functionalities and expertise levels play into the total cost. Try us at SmartWpSite, and judge based on our word.