A downtime of your WordPress website is a roadblock for your business. Especially when a user comes to your website, and if your site goes offline, then it may create a wrong impression in your users’ mindset. If your users couldn’t access your site, it may cause your traffic to disappear and thereby it may create a loss of your earnings and conversions.

Don’t you think so, it’s a terrible thing? Yes, it is!

Downtime of your website can create a negative impact on your business, and we will share with you how you can monitor website downtime. You can implement our suggested solution to improve your website uptime and increase the efficiency of your business. Let’s get started with one by one approach.

Your WordPress website Downtime is terrible for your business

Being a businessman, you never wanted your website to be down or offline. Just assume you are a retail shop owner, and your potential buyer has visited your local shop, but when they visited your shop, they noticed it is closed. Now, they might be a bit confuse, frustrate, and this may upset their mindset even think to explore another option. In the same way, the website is your business heart, and it should be up and running 24*7 days. If your site is down, then the same situation comes in your visitors mind. You may lose creditability, genuine audiences, and loyal customers.

Being a leader, you need to portray your professionalism so your customers won’t think much and consider you at their first choice. Top of all, Google and the rest of other search engines don’t like it if your website is down. Two significant impacts can affect your business:

  1. First, It will impact your website ranking
  2. Second, it will decrease the number of visitors on your web presence

You may use a Monitoring Solution to Track Downtime

The first thing comes first; when we talk about reducing Downtime, then you must need to know, “How much your website downtime?” You can supervise your existing website downtime by connecting with many WordPress plugins, which are readily available in the market. I will walk you through over the same one by one:


Jetpack is one of the most prominent WordPress Free Plugin by which you can measure your website down as well as there are many other features attached to it. The most important feature of this tool is to monitor your website Downtime. On a specific time internal, Jetpack will check your website online status, and if something goes wrong, this tool sends you an email notification with the current online status of your website.


Pingdom is another best WordPress tool ever that we’ve noticed because it’s not just measuring your WordPress website uptime on every minute; it is also offering excellent analytics information to their users. If something breaks on your website, immediately they will notify you; you can get this information quickly because they are using a 60+ probe server around the globe.

Whenever we come to know that our website is down, then the first question comes in our mind: “what is the root cause?” If you’re utilizing WordPress Pingdom Plugin then, you can have adequate data as well as you’ll be able to comprehend the current health of your website. As a result, you can fix the problem immediately and improve your WordPress website uptime.

It’s not just a tool by which you can “Monitor” your website; it will also help you to “Manage” your online site.

Choose Web Host with Good Reputation

Once you dig out the issue and if you’ve noticed a root cause with your hosting provider, then you must go with a prominent hosting service provider who never let you down.

1)WP Engine

Is Website Hosting is the question mark for you? Being an expert in WordPress, we suggest you opt WPEngine who the best-hosting infra service provider to your brand which will also help you to protect your brand and offer you remarkable online experience in your business. If you really would like to take an amazing digital experience, then WPEngine plans to offer a solution that can fit your needs. Not limited, they are offering amazing technical support to your business, you can go for free staging site, and 99.95% your WordPress website uptime.

Did you ever see that your WPExplorer is down? Probably you’ve never heard this. Because they are proactive in managing their datacenter and giving high priority to their customers. In any circumstances, if they noticed your current server going down, then immediately they will transfer your website from one server to another and keep your business up and running by 24*7.


Siteground is also one of the best options for small business owners and bloggers. Siteground is not just an affordable solution; they are providing managed hosting service to their customers and offering web, cloud, and dedicated hosting infra solutions to its customers.

Another most important factor is, Siteground is too offering 99.99% uptime to its users; the same as WPEngine. Among these two hosting infra, the difference is only about 0.05% because WPEngine uses this time every month for “Maintenance,” and against it, they are giving 5% credit to their customers. They are doing this activity to keep their server running fast and safe.

Siteground offering 99.99% uptime to its customers, which is proud of any business owner. It’s the best option to go with where you will find great value with service.

Keep your site security up to date

Apart from the above shared two options, your website may be down because of security breaches. There are various reasons behind it wherein a virus could infect it, or your site might be hacked and increase a tremendous downtime rate.

There are numerous ways to improve your WordPress website security, and among them, few precautions are the basic once, which you can apply over time. Likewise, you can change passwords, Update your WordPress Theme, Plugins, and don’t forget to perform daily malware scans. However, you can install a few security plugins in your WordPress website and keep your site safe as well as up & running.

1)Wordfence Security

The Wordfence plugin’s popularity and demand increase because they are protecting their customer’s business. The Wordfence provides the most comprehensive endpoint firewall and malware scanner by which you will get instant alert and notification if anything happens.

They have also “Premium Version” of this plugin by which they are providing real-time security and safety to their users. If you want your site up and running, as well as safe & secure, then install the Wordfence Security plugin today itself.


VaultPress is not just providing security protection, but they are also providing backup facility service within the same plugin. Let’s talk over the worst-case scenario, imagine that your WordPress website is down because of security breaches then, you have to rebuild your entire website again from scratch. But if you’ve used VaultPress plugin, then you can save a lot of money, website design & development time and maintain your website uptime.

This plugin has a backup facility, and it takes back up of your site on a specific interval of time duration, and at any point in time, if your website is down, then you don’t need to worry about it. You’ll surely have backup files, and you can go online immediately.

Final Thoughts

To minimize the risk of website downtime then you must choose the best hosting service provider, monitor your website and track online status, top of it keep your website safe & secure with security plugins. As a result, you’ll keep yourself up in the search engine result. Secondly, your customer will get information as per their convenient time, and lastly, you would be able to generate more sales and revenue for your business. If your WordPress business website suffer from downtime issue and if you are not sure, what to do? Let us know, our experts will help you to find out the best solution for your specific issue, and we will help you to fix it permanently!