The latest updates reveal that approximately 34% of all active websites across the globe are WordPress powered. Further, according to W3Techs, the trend is informed by the dynamic functionality of this type of website. It is also informed by the convenience of developing it and its responsiveness. One fact remains though, that even with your WordPress site, you still need SEO upgrades if you are to realize the true potential of your business online.

The WordPress Plugins

WordPress recognizes the importance of staying conspicuous online.

Therefore, a team of tech experts have meticulously developed plugins that work best with WordPress sites. The plugins have special features that make it easier for SEO. They also come with support for the site development tweaks.

The result is that you are enabled to rank your site with ease. Getting a favorable position in the SERPs is as easy as ABC with the new WordPress plugins. Here is a list of 15 plugins from WordPress developers.

Automatic Alt Attributes

This plugin is also referred to as the Auto Image Alt attribute. It is a dynamic and ingeniously developed plugin that helps you to install alt tags on a wide range of images. In fact, you can do it for all images.

The function of alt tags is to sync with Google and related search engines to make it easier for the content on your website to be sampled and read through by the search engines. This is a process that should happen simultaneously in the crawling process by the search engines.

While search engines do not still understand the images present on your website, alt tags act as the catalysts and direction labels for the search engine to register the significance of the visual data present on your site.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO comes with some special features including

  • Google XML sitemaps that make indexing a walk in the park
  • They also have a tweak that helps you to add focus keywords in your site content
  • Offers optimization suggestion
  • helps you measure the performance of your site
  • Helps set the canonical URLs on your site
  • Makes navigation through your site easier by controlling the crumbs
  • Offers internal linking features
  • Console integration for search
  • Focus on multiple keywords

Of course, the list of benefits that Yoast plugin comes with is longer. The point has already been made though. If you really wish to up your game on the SEO arena, you won’t have to look very far for help. The writing is now on the wall.

WP Rocket

It is a well-known plugin for caching. Of all the caching plugins, WP Rocket is the most preferred. It helps to bolster the speed of your site loading. WP Rocket is the ideal plugin to help you reach the three seconds loading time bar recommended by SEO pundits.

There are other plugins, of course, but as experts, we have done our surveys and WP Rocket seems to attract more approvals for the purpose. The Plugin comes with some beneficial features that make it stand out. Some of the most conspicuous ones include

  • Preloading of cache
  • Compression of gzip
  • Page cache among others


SEMrush comes with support for social media postings, marketing of site content, paid-up campaigns among others. It will guide you on keyword perfect algorithms for both paid campaigns and your web content material marketing. The tool is fitted with a metric to analyze your competitor’s website so as to tip you off on what you need to do to outsmart the competition.

Therefore, it is a recommended tool, if you wish to use a reverse strategy of SEO boosting. It helps you blind the competition to your website activities but still lets you in on what they are up to. It, consequently, helps you to enhance the traffic presence on your website. It is an invaluable tool for your website.

Really Simple SSL

The idea of Really Simple SSL is to help your website become easy to browse through and make it fun for your visitors. While the SSL is intended to bolster the browsing experience, it comes with yet another unexpected baggage. It interferes with the SEO ranking.

This is exactly why the developers decided to create a solution to nip the SSL issue in the bud and streamline the SEO process, or, rather restore it as it is meant to function. Really Simple SSL is designed to make your web browsing experience worth your visitors’ moment while making sure that you remain visible to the search engines. The tool will help you to configure HTTPS with a friendly setup.


This is a tool that is well known by the SEO experts. It is reputed for its ability to take stock of the performance of your website.

In addition, it serves you with useful information about the performance of your competitors. It captures all the organic returns and tracks the movement of your ranking.

Ahrefs is also effective in helping you to extract a comprehensive report of backlinks on sites. It gives you your backlink profile that is updated every 15 minutes.

In addition, the tool collects and delivers information regarding the websites referred to and the anchoring text too. If you wish to embark on a meticulous SEO planning, it is the tool that provides you with important information on keyword planning, site ranking changes, content research, and web monitoring action. Information is power.

WP Google My Business Auto Publish

The pundits know, and, indeed advise that if you wish to be impressionable on the web, nothing beats content creation using GMB, yet, it is not a walk in the park. It is quite a challenge to create fresh content on GMB. It is because of the complication and the rigors involved that WP Google My Business Auto Publish was evolved to help website owners to create content on GMB.

WP Google My Business Auto Publish helps you to easily customize your web pages and posts for your WordPress site service on to the page for GMB. It has also been noted that the plugin makes it a lot easier to schedule posts on your site.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the top of the range tools used for keyword planning. It is a plugin from Google, with metrics and algorithms to help you use not only the appropriate keywords but also how to place them and where to place them on your site and in your content so that you gain the search engine advantage of SEO. The process is simple.

All you need is to add phrases, words and matching URL to extract the keywords that come with a comprehensive report with regard to competition, bidding and the average number of searches every month. Google offers users the Google Keyword Planner free of charge.

The Broken Link Checker

You must work on and enhance the backlinks on your website if you want to assert the presence of your business on the internet. Backlinks help you announce your presence among your peers and elsewhere. The best way to ensure that you remain on top of the game is to use the Broken Link Checker. With this tool, you get to know which links are broken and need fixing or even replacement.

The Broken Link Checker also brings you up to speed on the beneficial links on your site and those that are dormant. It updates you on the effectiveness of past content and helps readjust as best you can, to remain relevant and effective. The Broken Link Checker is an optimized tool for WordPress sites and can save you a lot of worries by doing the backlink monitoring for you.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is your bible when it comes to working on the performance of your website with regard to rankings. It is effective for

  • indexing of site maps
  • content duplication prevention by use of robots
  • fixes cyber felonies including spam and malware
  • provides insights on a search query
  • identifies the sites that link to your site
  • highlights the level of mobile-friendliness of your site

As the information above points out, Google Search Console is really a tool that you cannot do without in your online SEO ventures.

Speed Optimization Plugins

Speed Optimization Plugins as the name suggests, are plugins meant to enhance the loading speed of your website. AMP is one of the common tools used lately, but there is a host of other useful plugins that will bolster the speed of your website. Some of the plugins that make the list include WP Rocket, Swift Performance, W3 Cache, WP Fastest Cache, among others.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Slow websites are vulnerable. They are the ones spammed the most, and also experience a serious bounce rate.

Google Pagespeed Insights helps you to improve the loading speed of your website. It works by checking the speed of your WordPress site.

You do it by entering the URL address of your site. It checks and displays the loading speed. Further, if the loading speed is wanting, the plugin raises suggestions to improve the same.

Google Trends

The need to know the trends cannot be overemphasized. In order to stay ahead of the game online, you need to know what people want or are talking about.

It is the only way you will have a chance to position yourself advantageously. Content trends are an important aspect of keeping your website relevant and worth people’s time and dime.

Google Trends plugin helps you to access the keywords that most web visitors search for.

The advantage is that the tool zeroes down to the specific locations where particular keywords are searched most. With Google Trends, you have an opportunity to refine the keywords, based on historical trends.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix helps you catch up with the figures. As the old adage says, figures do not lie. It updates you with relevant statistics on the performance of your WordPress site.

It raises a red flag on what is causing underperformance of your site. It is a beneficial tool because, with it, you have a one-stop solution center for identifying the problem and giving you suggestions, on the fly, on how to fix the issues arising.

Link Explorer

Link Explorer is used to revealing all the links that you have lost. Further, it furnishes you with information on spam score, link tracking, and domain authority among others.

It is one of those messengers you wish to have around the office, just in case something crops up.


This article has made it clear that optimizing your WordPress site for SEO is a process. It also calls for your proactive approach to making sure that you stay ahead of the pack.

The plugins mentioned in this article have proved many clients to be invaluable. Try the tricks and techniques suggested and see how your WordPress world changes for the better.

Otherwise, we are always glad to respond to your queries on WordPress related issues at SmartWPSite.