What, if your beautiful, visually stunning and feature-rich website isn’t optimized for search engines? As a matter of fact, search engines don’t care about your website’s design and pretty images you may have added to it. So, it is necessary to understand what search engines are looking for on your WordPress website that can bring success to your online venture.

Why SEO tips? You probably know that Google is the #1 marketing channel and it’s responsible for sending thousands of visitors to all the world’s WordPress websites.

So, the best part is, you don’t need to have to be an SEO expert or spend years learning the craft or how to code or understand the complicated jargon to rank your website.

In fact, with these WordPress SEO tips, you’ll see progress in the rankings in just a few weeks…..

Sound exciting? So, let’s dive right in.

Install a Reputed SEO Plugin

Using SEO Plugin, you can optimize your WordPress site content and which is must require to get higher ranking in the search engine. Even the SEO Plugin offers a ton of suggestions to improve your site, not limited but helps you to get better ranking. There are various free and paid plugins available in the online marketplace which can help you to position your site in the search engine.


YOAST SEO plugin is one of the prominent plugin for SEO suggestion, the plugin is available in free and premium both versions. The free version offers basic features although those are the major features which covers keywords optimization, no duplicate content, Faster Indexing, title & metadata, XML Sitemap, permalinks, social links, breadcrumbs, and lot more you can learn from the YOAST SEO site.

You can specify specific keywords and in this way you can optimize the content to rank for high or low-value keywords. Even the plugin will show you keywords that you’ve used in the content.

Local SEO

If you’ve retail store or local presence of your business then you must install the Local SEO WordPress Premium plugin. It’s like if you’ve a brick n mortar shop and eCommerce store you can opt Yoast Local SEO for WooCommerce.

When you optimize for local SEO, your online presence attracts more business from relevant local searches. So, you have to make sure that your website is optimized, as searchers are more likely to contact a local businesses.

In fact, this can help you improve your website rankings in search engines for local searches (for instance, “coffee shop near me”), and also enable you to easily fill out your information like Google Maps, contact info, location, and time of opening and closing.

Do Your Keyword Research

When it comes to WordPress SEO, Keyword research is a must for new businesses. Remember, Google is a computer algorithm, wherein keywords plays a vital role in 2020. Due to this reason, you need to write keywords smartly, as you are writing for visitors and customers.

By doing keyword research, you need to write a content, where your audience is actually searching for. For example, if you are the owner of a dress shop in Denver that is specifically for wedding collection, then obviously you want your website to rank in search engine in your specific keyword like “Denver wedding dresses” or “Where to buy a wedding dress in Denver”.

Don’t just craft a blog post for the sake of publishing out more content. You should always have a focus keyword in mind, when you write content for your website. It will improve your ranking in your keywords like “Best Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping in Denver”. As a result, visitors may discover your website by searching these keywords in the search engines.

Using the Google Keyword Planner, you can easily set the focus keyword that you want to write about. This tool provides relevant keywords for your brand and also gives details on the number of people searching your selected keywords. By implementing these keywords on your site, you’ll be able to boost your organic traffic and SEO rankings.

There are many tools that will help you with keyword research. Some of the top tools include Ubersuggest, to find more relevant or trending keywords and even Google Trends to discover new keywords in your area, without having to log into your Google account.

Take Link Building Seriously

Link building is a process of building one-way hyperlinks with the objective of improving search engine visibility to your website.

Links are one of the most important ranking factors, so you have to make sure that you add Internal and External links and it’s something you will have to monitor frequently.

Google focuses on link quality (not just link quantity) and how many people linked to their page, instead of simply analyzing the content of a page.

Internal Links

Internal Links are not only the key aspect of SEO but also to site navigation. It is a link from one page to another page on the same domain. For instance, if you add a link to the term “WordPress SEO”, this is an internal link to a page within your website that displays detailed information about WordPress SEO.

There are three reasons that internal links strengthen the funnel of your website.

  1. Awareness: they permit authority from page to another web page.
  2. Consideration: high-converting pages and guide visitors to high-value.
  3. Action: they prompt visitors to take action by bringing them to your contact page.

You can easily manage internal links, as you have control over your website. So, grab an opportunity to add internal links to your WordPress website, then move on.

External links

External links, sometimes referred to as outbound links, from third-party websites that link to your site. Furthermore, it improves your site’s credibility because they verify that your content is valuable. Certainly, external links is difficult to create then internal links, as it is really difficult to convince the people that your product or content is exceptional. External links are a great way to reach out to high domain authority and reputable sites, make connections in the world. In this way, it can help your site with a great source of traffic, and is a crucial element of the Google search engine algorithm.

In fact, guest blogging is perhaps the best or most effective way to get external links to your web pages to build relationships, exposure, and authority. In this way, you gain traffic to your website and rank on the search page.

Optimize Your Site Performance

You find a problem that after building your new website, it isn’t fast as you need it to be. Speed is a crucial factor, when it comes to building a conversion rate for your website and search engine optimized website.

As you know, that slow websites kill conversions. So, here are the couple of ways to improve your site speed.

Monitor Site Speed

Website speed has always been important for a lot of reasons. Slow pages lead to higher bounce rates, loss of traffic, and people will tend to leave if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. By having a slow-loading website, it will negatively impact your rankings and user experience. Page speed is also a ranking factor, so make sure to decrease your page load time. Furthermore, you’re flushing SEO points down the drain, and they’re hard to come by.

You might be wondering:

How your site is performing, right?

Luckily, fixing a slow loading website isn’t hard to do.

You can get an idea of how your site is actually performing by using a free version tool called Pingdom. Run your WordPress website through the tool to check the speed of your site. However, it’s more accurate to check your speed in Google Analytics, if you have it set up, it will give detailed information that will help you understand why your website takes a millennium to load.

This will give you a breakdown of your current performance numbers – don’t freak out, you can see what you need to improve your WordPress site speed.

Improve Your Site’s Speed

Are you thinking that speeding up your website is not important?
Think again.

Delay in few seconds could have a huge impact on your visitors trust and loyalty.

Hence, it is necessary to have a fast loading site – not just for ranking well in Google, but also for keeping your bottom-line profits high.

First, let’s look at the Total WordPress Theme, modern, fast-loading theme which can influence the search engine and better chance of ranking on Google. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the theme and hosting provider you are using.

Investing in quality WordPress providers is key, as your web host plays a huge role in your site speed.

In the beginning, most site owners choose the cheapest option for hosting, while they think, this is enough as it’ll likely need to upgrade once they start getting more traffic. Don’t skimp on your host, if you can afford then always opt for a high-end WordPress providers like WP Engine.

There are many different plugins like caching plugin, an image optimization plugin, and a lazy load plugin, that you can install in your WordPress website.

I hope, these tips can help you to improve your WordPress site speed and get more traffic and ultimately better conversions.

If you feel you need an expert to work upon the specific tasks then do not hesitate to contact us.