SmartWPSite Privacy policy

SmartWPSite welcomes you to its private property. This policy is intended to share with you how the company handles personal information. In this policy, ‘we’ refers to SmartWPSite and ‘user terms’ refers to the rules that guide you while using our website. The rules vary depending on the product in question whereupon we seek a separate consent to the policy.

The collected information

Users or visitors of our site will have some of their information collected. Here, we target things such as user name, email address and any other name. We also target user IP, photos, blogs, survey responses, contact info, and queries. Also we collect transnational details including content shared with us, blog posts as well as web analytical data. Besides, we collect information from job applicants that include but not limited to cover letter, interview notes, and CV.

Methods we use to collect the information

We collect information directly from the visitor as they navigate through our site. We also collect information indirectly from other persons that use our services. We capture more info when you complete our membership registration or buy services on our site, email us, subscribe to our newsletter, fill a survey or enter a contest or communicate to us.

Personal Information collected from other people.

Occasionally, we pick your personal data from other sources that include:

The transaction or financial details from payment gateways to providers located in Australia, the UK, and the US to help in processing your transaction. We also collect information from third-party servers that include Facebook or Google who may be located in the UK and US. These sources may provide information when you login, connect or link with a third-party provider. They will also provide information about your profile and registration if you use our studio. The provision of such information is strict and may be controlled by service providers as provided by their private policy settings. Also, the provision of such information may be limited by other third parties including partners from the UK, US, or any other country as provided by the law in the country in question. What’s more is that we may access information about you on various activities including warnings on fraud and any other information from SmartWPSite including interaction with their ad network. We also access information about you regarding third-party authors such as information may include images used on our site and third party authors.

How SmartWPSite utilizes personal information


In processing and facilitating transactions on our site including purchasing an item or a service online, for purposes that are legitimate to either us or third parties, we endeavor to:

  • Provide you with any of the services described on our site.
  • Verify your identity during the signing in on any of the SmartWPSite.
  • Helping in dispute resolution, responding to support tickets as well as providing resolution to any of the disputes
  • Updating you on news and information on our sites, and notify you of changes on our website and security updates.
  • We endeavor to carry out analysis to help us to determine how we can improve our services and the site.
  • We monitor everything that takes place on our site including identifying fraudulent activities while ensuring full compliance to the terms applicable to the site.
  • We are committed to enhancing our relationships. We do this by replying queries and comments submitted to us while we ask for feedback or find out if you are interested in taking part in surveys.
  • Managing operational affairs and legal matters including risks and fraud matters

We also train SmartWPSite staff on the best way to serve the community. It helps to:

  • Improve services and products
  • Provide performance, administration, functions, and processing SmartWPSite job applications.

With your consent:

  • We endeavor to provide you with information about services and products that we feel could be of interest to you.
  • We customize our website and services such as advertising, which appears on SmartWPSite and where we will use cookies technology to help us provide a personalized experience.

Law Requirements

We are under an obligation to provide information in response to a request made by the government, law enforcement agencies and the court of law to help in the investigation.

When disclosing such information, we will:

  • Only disclose such personal information to SmartWPSite companies operating in the US

Authors of services and items made available to you and which facilitate license validation and support in countries where our products and services are available to the following people:

  • Service providers and subcontractors assist in ways that we use such personal information. They may include web hosting providers located in the UK, US, Canada, and India.
  • SmartWPSite technical advisors including financial advisors, accountants, and lawyers located in the US, UK , India or government agencies in connection with obligation and compliance to a prospective purchaser, or purchase of part of our business, assets or professional advice.
  • A third party responds to authorities’ request relating to the investigation into alleged illegal activity.
  • Third-party in enforcing and defending the rights of SmartWPSite aimed at addressing financial risks as well as an infringement to intellectual property and any other form of infringement where the law authorizes us to do so.

SmartWPSite is based in India, where all the collected information will be processed. But some recipients may be based in India or in countries such as the US, and the UK. We will do this based on free consent to this policy. It will guard your personal information and we commit ourselves to work with service providers and subcontractors who we trust will remain compliant and maintain acceptable standards of security to your data.

Keeping your personal information secure

SmartWPSite is committed to keeping personal information secure. We do this by storing such data on secure servers managed by us or those managed by our service providers. We also keep such information on hard copies in India and transmit some of it to access controls. We encrypt passwords, user names, and data where possible.

Accessing personal information

A client can easily access the information we collect about them. All they need to do is to log into their account and place a request to access the personal information. You are also entitled to request a correction on errors made. Also, you can choose to close any of the accounts on any site at any time. Use our contacts provided in this privacy policy to place a correction request.

Personal information Market choices

If you have expressed interest in receiving newsletters or offers from us, we will send any marketing communication about SmartWPSite and our products through email. We will also send an email about services we feel will interest you. But you can opt-out of such emails if you are not interested in receiving them. This can be done by using the unsubscribe button.

Besides, you can choose to allow or restrict cookies from collecting your data. You can also choose to be notified when the cookies are set. Furthermore, you have the freedom to reject and block cookies. However, when you take such an action, it may make it difficult for part of our site to work normally.

Once you visit our site, certain information will be recorded. However, this information will not reveal who you are or your identity. If you log into the account we collect information associated with that account. Some of the details that may be collected include:

  • The requested domain name
  • The internet provider (is dependent on the ISP configuration)
  • Your proxy server or IP address
  • The time and date you visited
  • The duration of the session
  • The pages accessed
  • The number of attempts you made accessing the site
  • The information, file or URL you look at
  • Any website that referred you to our site Your PC’s operating system

In some cases, you will see third parties ads on our site. You will also see ads on services or products we offer.


Generally, our site is not suitable for minors below the age of 16 years. So children adults should help children provide their personal information. Children aged 16-18 can visit the site but may need to be supervised by a guardian or a parent. Also, parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring their children.

Making public personal information

You may avail personal information to the public at your own will. We have no control and we will not take responsibility for how the data will be managed. You can provide this information to the public through several activities including posting messages on threads, sharing information on social media and contacting other users, either directly or through email. So we advise that you think carefully about this before you make any information public. We recommend that you ask users how they will handle information if you give them such data through our site. Checking other sites’ privacy policy is critical if you will be sharing information with them through any of our links.

The duration we will keep personal information

If any personal information is vital to us, we will keep it as long as it is possible. But if you feel that SmartWPSite should not use your personal information, you may request us to erase the data. But even when we do so, we may retain some info from the deleted account for any future interest. Such interest may include preventing fraud, complying with the law, troubleshooting problems, resolving disputes and collecting fees. Also, we will use it in criminal investigations or any other action permitted by the law. We will handle any information retained according to this privacy policy.

Updating the policy

We will update or change our privacy policy to conform with the legal requirements and accepted management practices. We will notify you of the changes and avail the updated copy of the same on this page.

Contacting us

Any question on our privacy policy practices or how we manage personal information should be emailed to as at [email protected]

We are happy that you have read this privacy policy up to here and you understand how we will use and manage personal information.

How you can access personal data or info

You are free to request us to erase or port personal information and restrict processing it. You also have a right to object having such information processed or profiled for direct marketing. In a case where we sort your consent to have it processed, you can withdraw such consent.

However, these rights may be limited depending on the prevailing circumstances. For instance, if we have a legal right to process such data, we may retain the right irrespective of whether you withdraw the request or not.

In a case where we require personal data to comply with contractual and legal requirements, providing such data may be mandatory. If you don’t provide the data, it may become difficult to meet our obligations or manage the contractual relationship. But the provision of the requested data will be optional.

You are free to complain or raise concern on issues you feel is unresolved. The country of your habitual residence or the place of work where you feel the infringement has occurred will be considered your data protection authority.

Note that in this privacy policy, both personal data and personal information have the same meaning.