By purchasing any of our services, you accept and will adhere to the terms outlined in our refund policy.

SmartWPSite believes and stands 100% with its service. But we know that sometimes it may not work perfectly well for all users. So if our service is unable to sort or fix the issue, and you no longer want the task accomplished, we will issue a full refund. But if you choose to cancel our support before we get the chance to work on the issue to determine whether we can fix it or not, or refuse to give us the access we need, we will only refund up to 50% of the total amount paid. The main reason why we will do this is that we incur operating costs when you purchase our services. Also, in most cases, our agents will have completed a portion of their job. We also give the option to have a full refund converted into a credit that will not expire.

A refund request can only be reviewed within ninety days from the date of original purchase.

Refunds are not applicable to special offers, yearly plan, service credit or monthly purchases